What is E-Commerce ?

What is E-Commerce ?





 Doing industry through the Internet is called e-commerce or electronic commerce. In simple words, providing your service, or service on the virtual world of the Internet, is called e-commerce.

In today's post, we what is e-commerce (What is E-commerce in hindi) will know about . If you have many questions related to e-commerce in your mind, then you will definitely get the answer to all your questions.

'Change' - this is the thing with the help of which man reached such a high point, which no other animal could reach. 

From the very beginning, man kept making necessary changes in the things around him and used them according to his benefit and need. Now take the wheel for example.

If even today man used wood in the shape of a round plank, would traveling thousands of miles be as easy as it is today?

If the mobile had not been changed, would you have been able to operate your smartphone today? It has been possible only because of the change that today you are able to read an article written by me so easily.

Similarly, many important changes took place in the market and industry from time to time and one of the important changes was to introduce the world to e-commerce. E-commerce came like a revolution, and completely rocked the industry sector.

But what is e-commerce and what is its importance? Perhaps this question has come to your mind as well. But, don't worry.

In this article, I will give you all the information related to e-commerce one by one. So first of all we know what is e-commerce after all.

These services include buying and selling of goods on the Internet, marketing, delivery of goods to the addressee, online bill payment, online banking, etc.

For example you can take some famous and famous companies of India like flipkart, paytm etc. You must have seen that some sellers sell their goods on these platforms.

At the same time, by visiting these websites, the customer easily buys the goods according to his needs in a few minutes.

Apart from accessories, now many companies have started offering mobile phones and D2H recharge facility on their own.

Electronic commerce started in 1960 when many companies around the world started sharing business documents with other companies with the help of electronic data interchange (EDI) feature of the Internet.

After this companies like ebay and amazon entered the field of internet and brought revolution in this field. 

How many types of e-commerce are there – Types of E-commerce ?

E-commerce can be divided into the following six categories.

1. Business-to-Business (B2B)

In this, one business or company contacts another business or company to get service instead of customer. For example, you can take the directory website.

In this, a company or industrialist contacts another online directory website, with the help of which he can register his name in that directory.

This benefits both. Directory website owner gets his customer and another industrialist can promote his services through that website and can reach his service to maximum number of customers.

2. Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

In this type of industry, the industrialist sells his product or service directly to the customer through the Internet. This type of business is very much in vogue these days.

On online stores like Amazon and Flipkart, the seller delivers his goods to the customers and charges a reasonable price.

3. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C)

In this type of business, a consumer sells his goods or services to another consumer through the Internet.

Most of the goods sold are second hand or used. To understand this, you can take the example of platforms like olx and quickr.

On these websites, a consumer sells his old and used product to another consumer at a reasonable price.

4. Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

To understand this type of business, we take the help of some examples.

You must have heard the name of upwork.com. If not, then let me tell you that this is such a website on which you can easily hire workers to get any of your office or study work done. Workers take money from you according to their hard work and time.

But, to hire those workers, you have to put the details of your work by making an ad, with the help of which the workers reach you.

Similarly, to take an online insurance policy, you also have to enter your requirements on many websites, which are looked after by the appropriate agents and deliver their services to you.

In the above given example, we have seen that in this type of business, first you have to put your requirements in the form of ads, which the agents providing services see and deliver their services to you.

In simple language, it can be said that in this, the consumer contacts the business owner so that he can take advantage of his services.

Friends, today you have learned what is e-commerce and what are its history and advantages and disadvantages. Apart from this, you also know whether there are opportunities to move forward in this field or not, I mean to say what is the scope of e-commerce (Scope of e commerce in Hindi).

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